Jotun - Yachting - Vinyl Primer Spray - 0.4 liter
Jotun - Yachting - Vinyl Primer Spray - 0.4 liter

Jotun - Yachting - Vinyl Primer Spray - 0.4 liter


En-komponent vinylmodificeret grunder med aluminiumspigment

  • Specielt udviklet til områder, som skal dækkes med Aqualine Optima, fx drev, flaps, påhængsmotorer, propeller og andre detaljer af letmetal under vandlinjen
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Jotun - Yachting - Vinyl Primer Spray - 0.4 liter

Introducing the Jotun Yachting Vinyl Primer Spray, a high-quality one-component vinyl modified primer with aluminum pigment. This primer is specifically designed for areas that need to be covered with Aqualine Optima, such as drives, flaps, outboard motors, propellers, and other lightweight metal details below the waterline. With its easy application and user-friendly nature, this primer is a must-have for any boat owner or enthusiast.


  • Provides excellent adhesion to various surfaces
  • Enhances the performance of Aqualine Optima
  • Protects against corrosion and damage caused by water
  • Dries quickly, allowing for faster project completion
  • Creates a smooth and even surface for painting
  • Ensures long-lasting protection for your boat
  • Key features:

  • Vinyl modified formula: The vinyl modification in this primer enhances its durability and ensures a strong bond to the surface.
  • Aluminum pigment: The addition of aluminum pigment provides excellent corrosion resistance and adds a decorative touch to the final result.
  • Easy application: This primer can be easily applied using the spray method, allowing for a seamless and smooth finish.
  • Quick-drying: With its fast-drying formula, this primer eliminates the waiting time and enables you to move on with your project promptly.
  • Compatibility with Aqualine Optima: This primer is specifically developed to be used in conjunction with Aqualine Optima, providing optimal results and long-lasting protection.


The Jotun Yachting Vinyl Primer Spray is a top-of-the-line product that meets all your boating needs. Its vinyl modified formula, aluminum pigment, and compatibility with Aqualine Optima make it the perfect choice for any boat owner looking to enhance the performance and longevity of their vessel. With its easy application and quick-drying properties, this primer ensures a hassle-free experience. Invest in the Jotun Yachting Vinyl Primer Spray today and give your boat the protection it deserves.

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Størrelse Jotun 0.4 liter
Varenummer 9PY115APA
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